Tesla robots are coming to replace humans in multiple tasks (see video)

Robots are no longer a sci-fi movie fantasy! Tesla President Elon Musk announced that the company’s next project is the development of a “humanoid robot”: the Tesla Bot.

The technology’s goal is to eliminate hazardous, or dull, work for humans, explained Musk at an online event about Tesla’s advances in artificial intelligence. The goal is to have a prototype of the project by 2022.

Learn some technical details of Tesla’s robot:

To get around, it will have the same semi-autonomous driving technology, without the need for a driver, as Tesla cars.

The robot will use artificial intelligence and have several cameras to be able to analyze the terrain, see obstacles.

It can reach 8 km/h speed; it is 1.73 m tall and weighs 57 kg. In addition, it can carry up to 20 kg of cargo.

In your head is a screen, like a cell phone or computer, to transmit information.

Its hands resemble human hands (with 5 fingers), and the robot has 40 electromechanical actuators, which are small electric motors to move.

Should humans be concerned?

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