The Masked Singer Brasil: Ex-crush by Taís Araújo, Marcelinho Carioca makes an emotional revelation on stage and is unmasked by the web with old videos; watch

For this, no one expected! This Tuesday (24), the public and the judges of “The Masked Singer Brasil” were shocked to find out that Marcelinho Carioca was the person behind all the malice and costume of coconut! “I never sang in my life! I didn’t pass a needle! It was an extraordinary deal!”, he declared, after revealing his identity. Surprised, Taís Araújo then confessed that the soccer ace was his crush in adolescence and praised the former athlete, leaving him moved.

“I’m really freaked out. Do you know that Marcelinho was my teenage crush? I will have to tell this. I had a spectacular photo of him, which was a black and white photo from the magazine, of him kicking in the rain, pasted right on my bedroom wall”, said the actress, who then took the opportunity to praise Marcelinho’s career as a football player.

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“So, Marcelinho Carioca won I don’t know how many titles, a well-known guy, loved in Brazil… When would we imagine that the guy would arrive here, would he be willing, expose himself like that and leave completely moved and thrilling us? When would we imagine that a guy who I don’t know how many thousand people have already shouted the name, for the simple fact of being here making us laugh and having fun, would get emotional?”, completed the juror.

At that moment, Carioca’s eyes were filled with tears. Before ending the episode, the presenter of the attraction, Ivete Sangalo, also addressed some kind words to the star: “Feel it here like a packed stadium, applauding the artist, the singer you are and the coconut tree that drove us crazy!”.

About his participation in the program, Marcelinho made an emotional statement. “Ivete, if a street sweeper’s son won in sports, in education, anyone can. But there’s an unusual thing: I’ve never sung in my life. I didn’t pass a needle. But it was an extraordinary deal for my life. I took a singing class, I learned this here”, he said, making a warming noise with his mouth.

In networks, the revelation gave people talk. Netizens pointed out that, in the 90s, Marcelinho was part of a pagoda group called “Divina Inspiration”. Some videos of the former player appearing in TV shows, such as Eliana, Raul Gil and Gugu, were even rescued! Just take a look: