The time flies! Youngest countryman Leandro is a father for the first time

Leandro Costa, the youngest son of the countryman Leandro (1961-1998), is already a father. The 23-year-old, always very discreet and who usually lives far from the spotlight, presented his first child with Angelica Lins on social media, this Monday (23/8). Little Antônio was born on Sunday (22/8).

Angelica insisted on drooling the puppy and posted a picture of him on her Instagram account. “Heart is beating stronger today,” she wrote. Andrea Mota, the singer’s widow, also drooled over her grandson: “No maturity for so much hotness”.


Andrea is also the mother of doctor and digital influencer Lyandra, who proudly showed her nephew to her followers. “Welcome, Antonio! My nephew and godson, may God bless you always… I love you so much already!” she wrote on her Instagram account.

Jeez, miss you!

Leandro died in 1998, when his youngest son was still a baby. At the end of July, Leonardo commented on social media about the absence of his brother and musical partner. The artist recalled an intimate moment with the singer and moved fans.

“My dear brother Leandro, 23 years since your departure and there isn’t a single day that I don’t think about you! I miss you immensely!”, he wrote.