The weird things that happened on the set of The Walking Dead

With the premiere of The Walking Dead’s 11th and final season in Brazil getting closer and closer, fans can’t wait to discover the fate of the main characters. In its more than 10-year history, the series has been marred by several strange behind-the-scenes events – fans even speculated about a possible curse. The Looper website told you everything you need to know about the subject.

The first episode of The Walking Dead aired on October 31, 2010. Since then, a lot has changed. Andrew Lincoln, the interpreter of protagonist Rick Grimes, even left the production in its ninth season.

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The final season of The Walking Dead has what it takes to subvert the plot of the comics and create a truly satisfying ending for fans.

While the new episodes do not premiere in Brazil; Check out the 7 weirdest things that have ever happened behind the scenes of The Walking Dead below.

Problems with the police

Before The Walking Dead premiered, most of the actors on the show were not known to the public. Furthermore, the residents of the US state of Georgia were not prepared for such an agitated series to be recorded in the “backyard”. So a group of residents called in a SWAT team to deal with Michael Rooker, the Merle.

“When I started shooting at zombies, I noticed that a group of people started running towards me. They had already called a SWAT team”, commented Rooker, who managed to resolve the situation calmly.

Was feeling sick

On his first day on the set of The Walking Dead, Steven Yeun ended up passing out. One of the first scenes recorded by the actor was the one where Glenn ran to get Rick’s hat. The actor was not prepared to run away, and ended up passing out from exhaustion.

Interestingly, this wasn’t the only time Yeun got sick on The Walking Dead set. In the scene where Glenn’s head is busted by Negan, the actor also felt bad, but this time, out of emotion.

macabre collection

In the 2014 edition of the Walker Stalker convention, Norman Reedus revealed that he “kept Rick Grimes’ beard in a bag in the refrigerator.” And this isn’t the only bizarre souvenir Daryl’s interpreter took from behind the scenes of the AMC production.

In other interviews, the actor revealed that he also kept Hershel Greene’s ponytail and even a zombie head created from Johnny Depp’s look. Greg Nicotero, the series’ executive producer, has already approved the star’s collection.

a tick in the worst place

As The Walking Dead shoots often take place in rural areas or forests, actors and the production team always need to check for ticks. On one of these inspections, Steven Yeun found one of the parasites in the worst possible location: his private parts.

“I had to get him out of there and burn him with a lighter. But it was good that this happened to me, since I’m the only person who would tell something like this to others”, commented the actor in an interview on Conan O’Brien’s show.

route accident

In Season 10 of The Walking Dead, Dante is revealed as the Whisperer’s spy in Alexandria. The betrayal leads the character to a brutal death at the hands of Gabriel. What fans don’t know is that actor Juan Javier Cardenas was really beaten during the recording of the moment.

“By the 15th take of the scene, my liver had already been hit too hard! The force of the attack was difficult to bear. But Seth (Gilliam, Gabriel’s interpreter) was fantastic. He was basically trying to stab my heart. I was literally hitting the ground, it was very complicated”, commented the actor.

moments of emotion

In the most recent season of The Walking Dead, the show does a great job of humanizing Negan. The series offers a glimpse into the character’s life before the zombie apocalypse, along with his wife Lucille (played by Hilarie Burton, Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s real-life wife). In the episode, the actor took a while to record the scenes because he couldn’t stop crying.

“It was like I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. It was all very heavy. All these scenes ended in tears”, commented the actor.

Andrew Lincoln’s accent

Sometimes actors end up “contaminated” by their characters’ accents. That’s what happened to Andrew Lincoln on The Walking Dead. The actor is British, but has kept his American accent away from recording.

“I spend so much time in the United States that I feel a lot more comfortable speaking with an accent. Some friends know me only because of my American accent,” commented the Walking Dead star.

The Walking Dead returned with 11th in the US on August 22nd. In Brazil, the episodes will be shown on the Star+ streaming platform, but they still don’t have a release date.