‘There were real threats to ministers of the Supreme’, says Aras about arrests of Silveira and Jefferson | Policy

The attorney general of the Republic, Augusto Aras, said on Tuesday (24) that there were “real threats” to ministers of the Supreme Court (STF) in the cases of the arrests of federal deputy Daniel Silveira (PSL-RJ) and the president PTB national and former federal deputy Roberto Jefferson.

The attorney general gave the statement during a hearing at the Senate Committee on Constitution and Justice (CCJ), which is analyzing his reappointment for another two years.

Augusto Aras sat in the Senate seeking a new term at the PGR

Augusto Aras sat in the Senate seeking a new term at the PGR

Daniel Silveira and Roberto Jefferson were arrested after releasing videos threatening Supreme Court justices and defending unconstitutional measures, such as AI-5, the most repressive act of the dictatorship.

Both were arrested for decisions made by Minister Alexandre de Moraes, rapporteur of inquiries that investigate the dissemination of fake news and undemocratic acts.

Aras explained that, at first, the PGR took a stand against the arrests because it considered it to be an exercise in freedom of expression. But that, later, direct and frontal threats to the magistrates were verified.

“Afterwards, from the arrest of both Daniel Silveira and Roberto Jefferson, there were real threats to the ministers of the Supreme Court. So, if at first, freedom of expression was the most powerful constitutional legal asset that exists within of the Constitution, in the second moment, the idea of ​​freedom of expression was abandoned to constitute a serious threat”, affirmed the prosecutor.

The arrests of the president’s allies are among the reasons that led Jair Bolsonaro to present, in the Senate, a request for impeachment against minister Alexandre de Moraes.

The request, however, must be filed by the president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco (DEM-MG), as the congressman has been signaling in interviews.

Justice maintains Roberto Jefferson's arrest after custody hearing

Justice maintains Roberto Jefferson’s arrest after custody hearing

PGR that ‘did not criminalize politics’

The prosecutor returned to defending political activity and said he considered it “cowardly” for someone to use a pen, in legal decisions, “to change the game of politics.” “I know how much a politician suffers,” he declared.

Without citing his predecessors in the role, Aras added that he does not tolerate “selective investigation, leaks and unfair punishment”, reiterating the commitment he made with lawmakers the first time he was appointed head of the Public Ministry.

“I want to be remembered by the prosecutor who reinstated the Constitution, who complied with the law and did not criminalize politics,” Aras said in front of the senators.

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