Thiago Galhardo says goodbye to the club and leaves ‘a clue’ about the next destination

Thiago Galhardo is leaving the International. On Monday night (23), the player posted a text on his Instagram profile saying goodbye to the club officially after a year and eight months.

Since last week, news has emerged that the Celtic of Vigo started a negotiation with Colorado to get the Brazilian player on loan.

The conversations, started and left well advanced by the president of Inter, Alessandro Barcellos, and Coudet, who have a good relationship, speak of amounts between 500,000 euros and 600,000 euros for the transfer of Galhardo until the end of the current European season, which has just ended. start and runs through May 2022.

If the amount is the maximum, the colorado club would pocket, at the current exchange rate, R$ 3.7 million.

It is worth remembering that Celta is led by Eduardo Coudet, coach with whom Galhardo lived his best moment at the club. In his farewell post, the player published a photo with the commander.

See the attacking midfielder’s farewell text

Good night, Colorado nation. Stopping by to say goodbye and express how grateful I am to you and to Internacional. I have no words to measure how important it was, is, and will continue to be this club in my career and in my life. It was at Inter that I reached my peak and where I fulfilled my big dream as a boy, which was to wear the Brazilian national team jersey. Thanks to God, to all my teammates, coaches and professionals with whom I have been alongside, I have achieved expressive numbers and marks, having the pleasure of being the club’s top scorer for a season and a half, something that makes me proud, despite all the difficulties that we face daily. A lot has been said in recent weeks, lies and insinuations and rumors spread by people who, I don’t understand why, wanted to try to stain the beautiful story I built during my time at the club, but I preferred the silence, because the truth always appears, no matter how long it takes. Nobody is perfect, of course we can all make mistakes, and we won’t always please everyone. However, I have always dedicated myself, honored my commitments, never omitted myself on and off the field and I slapped my face countless times to defend the International’s interests. Because of this, I leave the club with a clear conscience and sure that I gave my best in every way. In the end, knowing this is what truly matters to me. Today I’m leaving, but I’m still an asset and athlete at the club, so I hope one day I can come back with the same head held high and the front door I’m leaving through. I’ll be far away, but I’ll keep cheering for everyone at the institution, which I repeat, is forever marked in my heart. Everyone stay with God and thank you again for everything!