‘This is not going to work’

Marcos Mion, who recently joined the TV Globo team of presenters, has been introducing Boninho, the channel’s director, to the universe of tennis lovers. Today, Big Boss made a special video to show a new copy and joked with Mion, commenting that Ana Furtado, his wife and also presenter, is not happy with her husband’s new passion:

“Say, Mion, a hot one just arrived and I’m hiding here because if Ana sees… I think it’s already started to catch. Look at the box, look at the little animal. Just the box is already a Honda, right?” , he said, showing a Nike sneaker sold only in Europe and which costs, according to the brand’s website, 189.99 euros, the equivalent of R$ 1170 at the current price.

In the story, the director showed his other copy, by the Louis Vuitton brand, which costs 740 dollars — R$ 3885 at today’s price. “Mion’s Sneakerhead guys are charging, today it’s basic, but if I have to show it, I’ll show it. This one is basic, you can’t compete with Mion’s boats,” said Boninho.

Mion was encouraged by the director’s new acquisitions. “He said it was a basic sneaker, but Louis Vuitton, right. Boss stuff,” amused the presenter, who added that he is introducing the new boss to the universe that is one of his passions.

The former presenter of “The Farm” has already commented on his love for tennis and even has a specific profile on Instagram to show his collection, called “Sneakers do Mion”.

Boninho also showed Ana Furtado’s reaction when she found her new sneaker box and Mion and his wife, designer Suzana Gullo, laughed at the situation.

“Hey, Ana, let me tell you just one thing: I wanted to apologize to you beforehand. Boninho doesn’t understand what he’s getting into. I’m a little embarrassed to show you my house, but any hole Marcos finds here at home he puts on sneakers, it’s like a nightmare. Poor Ana,” said Suzana.