Thousands of Afghans try to escape the country in a race against time | National Newspaper

Thousands of Afghans are racing against the clock, trying to get out of the country amid rising violence.

Entire families keep arriving in what was supposed to be a safe zone outside Kabul airport, where foreign troops are stationed.

In a makeshift camp, about 13,000 people await an opportunity to leave Afghanistan. But they are also subject to violence there. Since the Taliban took power, 20 people have died in riots or shootings around the airport.

This Monday (23), a soldier who was part of the Afghan army before the country’s collapse was killed and three were wounded. About 600 of these soldiers are helping allied forces patrol the site. It is not known who was responsible for the shooting.

The White House reported that this Monday (23), 10,900 Afghan and foreign civilians were evacuated from Kabul. In total, there have been 48,000 people since Aug. 14, when the Taliban besieged the Afghan capital.

O national security adviser Jake Sullivan said Monday that the United States is negotiating daily with the Taliban and that they are making progress in withdrawing Americans and people of other nationalities. While allied forces are racing against time in this airport operation, the Taliban has been gaining ground against Afghans who are resisting the takeover in the country.

The extremist group has announced that it has encircled the Panjshir Valley, which lies 150 kilometers northeast of the capital, Kabul. This is the only one of the 34 provinces in the country that still resists the takeover.

Over the weekend, remnants of the Afghan army and leaders of several local militias celebrated the conquest of three cities in the region. On Monday, the Taliban said it had regained control. The two sides say they want to talk to avoid a confrontation of greater proportions.