‘Too bad it’s not me’, joke fans

Chico Buarque, 77, registered at the notary’s office his intention to marry Carol Proner, 47, with whom he has been dating since 2017. The names of the singer and composer and the lawyer and professor at UFRJ appear in the August 19 edition of the “Diário de Justiça” from Rio de Janeiro”.

In the section “V – Notices and other publications”, page 77, it is read that the registry office of the 3rd District of Petrópolis, in the mountainous region of Rio, “let it be known that they intend to marry Francisco Buarque de Hollanda and Caroline Proner”, thus like four more couples.

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The order of the registrar Patricia Baranda, of August 18, 2021, is closed with the protocol phrases “Whoever knows of any impediment, accuse it in accordance with the Law. All documents required by law were presented.”

Marriage intention was registered in the
Marriage intention was registered in the “Diário de Justiça of Rio de Janeiro” on August 19th Photo: Reproduction

On social media, the news sparked a wave of “protests” from fans: “Too bad it’s not me,” said one netizen. “This one is for getting married!”, posted another one.

Chico is the father of Helena, Sílvia and Luísa, the three of them from the marriage to 74-year-old actress Marieta Severo. The two were together for 33 years and separated in 1999. Carol has two children: Francisco and Barbara.

Before Carol, Chico had his last public relationship with singer Thais Gulin, 41, for five years.

Carol Proner and Chico Buarque
Carol Proner and Chico Buarque Photo: Reproduction – Internet