Unimed Araraquara promotes an anniversary promotional campaign

Unimed Araraquara celebrates 50 years of excellence in medical and hospital care. Credit: Disclosure.

A 50-year-old institution providing quality medical and hospital care. It is this sentence that summarizes the history of Unimed Araraquara , a company that launched a campaign in celebration of its 50th anniversary, in May this year, taking its purpose “Unimed 50 years: we’ve known each other for a long time, we know how to take care of you”, also as a slogan. Among Unimed Araraquara’s anniversary actions is the promotional campaign with health plans starting at R$99.90.

In August, the Unimed Araraquara offers a differentiated plan with special membership conditions, exclusive for the month of August, and runs until the 31st. The promotional campaign coincided with the month in which the anniversary of Araraquara (SP) is celebrated, on the 22nd of August, a gift to city dwellers.

Rodrigo Marine, Market Manager of Unimed Araraquara, details more about the campaign. The idea is to make more people have the opportunity to contemplate a quality health service. “The plans start at R$99.90, for children up to 18 years old, and we started to make available some grace periods for the client. The values ​​are exclusive for the month of August”.

Unimed’s 50th anniversary campaign launches action with special prices for the month of August. Credit: Disclosure.

In addition Unimed Araraquara debuted a new Online Sales Portal, Click here and the page will be redirected to the portal. The company also released a video tutorial on how to use the site, to facilitate the experience of customers and future customers. Check out the video:

Residents of Araraquara and region will still have news throughout the year, as the anniversary actions “Unimed 50 years: we’ve known each other for a long time, we know how to take care of you”, will extend until May 14 of next year, totaling one year of campaign promoting several actions during that time.

Unimed Araraquara

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