Urso steals a parcel from his home in the United States; watch | World

On Monday (23), Kristin Levine received an alert from her security system, warning that someone had picked up a package left at her door by a delivery service. But she could never expect the kind of thief she would see in the security camera footage: a bear.

In a video (watch above) posted on Facebook, Levine shows images of the bear running around with a box in his mouth, just after pulling it out of the entrance to his Bristol, Connecticut, home. She says the parcel had just been left there.

In the United States, it is common for deliveries to be left at the door, and some residents install security equipment precisely to deal with possible theft. But usually committed by humans.

“Well, if anyone sees an Amazon package in the Chippens Hill region with my name on it…feel free to bring it back,” Levine asked in his profile.

But it didn’t take long. Apparently disappointed in the contents of the box—several rolls of toilet paper—the bear soon abandoned the package in Levine’s neighbor’s backyard.

The woman says that she was even amused by the situation, as it was not a very expensive or irreplaceable product, and that in the end she recovered the order.