Video: Elephant attacks identical sculpture in Thailand

On a day of “rage”, an elephant did not like to come across a replica of him in Khao Yai Park, located in Thailand, and attacked the sculpture.

According to local guardians, the animal thought it was a ‘loving rival’, when the statue was just a welcome object for visitors to the park.

The elephant found the statue when looking for food. As soon as it saw the replica, the animal began to look at it uninterruptedly and sneak up on it. When it was close to the object, the mammal dropped it.

Ple Srichai, a National Park official, said he was amused by the mammal’s reaction, which dueled with a statue. “Male elephants often fight over females, so maybe he thought it was a real elephant he needed to show his dominance,” he said.

After winning the “duel”, the elephant returned to the forest, leaving the remains of the statue for the workers to collect.

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