Video shows triplex pool with ‘waves’ after wind hits a 30-story building in Balneário Camboriú; understand the phenomenon | Santa Catarina

A record made by a businessman from Santa Catarina showed a swimming pool with “waves” inside a triplex on the 30th floor of a building of Balneário Camboriú, on the North Coast. The oscillation recorded on Thursday (19) occurs on account of the wind and the building is designed for the phenomenon.

Author of the images, Patrick Biazotto said that he went to the space to negotiate the apartment, located on Avenida Atlântica. He posted the images on social media while visiting the property.

Registration was made by the businessman in Balneário Camboriú (SC) — Photo: Entrepreneur Partner Owner of Swaps Tecnologia Imobiliária Patrick Biazotto/Reprodução

According to the president of the Regional Council of Engineering and Agronomy of Santa Catarina (Crea-SC), Carlos Alberto Kita Xavier, the ripples in the pool water are part of the oscillation caused by the effect of wind on the structure.

According to him, taller structures are more sensitive, but it is in them that engineering works to minimize the effects and protect the structure, users and surroundings.

“It is necessary to consider that the movement is calculated for the structure of the building, which is solid material. When this movement affects a liquid, in this case the water in swimming pools, due to differences in the masses, it ends up generating waves in the water. frightening, but they do not represent an expected movement for the structure”, says engineer Carlos Alberto.

Building pool in Balneário Camboriú (SC) — Photo: Entrepreneur Partner owner of Swaps Tecnologia Imobiliária Patrick Biazotto/Reprodução

The phenomenon is natural and desirable, since all buildings need to have some level of wobble, even if it’s not noticed. this movement prevents the building from having structural damage caused by wind, such as cracks.

The level of oscillation is considered not only for designing the structure itself, but also for pipes and frames. The taller the building, the greater the balance.

“In taller buildings, this effect is enhanced and needs to be foreseen in the project so that structural damage does not occur. Each time the wind hits an object, part of its energy is transferred to the object. The amount of energy transferred is called the gust response factor. The thinner, thinner the structure, the greater its dynamic response to the wind. Under the action of a gust, the object moves first in the direction of the wind action, and then then, in the opposite direction. And then the oscillation appears”, he concludes.

Swimming pool in a building in Santa Catarina — Photo: Entrepreneur Partner owner of Swaps Tecnologia Imobiliária Patrick Biazotto/Reprodução

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