Viih Tube criticized for eating gold plated meat

the influencer Viih Tube received a shower of criticism after posting a video showing one of the Arab food dishes he received. However, what most caught the attention of netizens was a gold-plated slice of steak. Many claimed that, in addition to being futility, many people would be in need of food at this time of pandemic.

The former participant of the Big Brother Brazil 21 did an advertisement for a restaurant, showing all the items he had received. In the middle of raw kibbehs, curds and hommus, there was the steak that drew attention for its shine and eccentricity. Wrapped in an edible gold leaf, the steak appears to cost a few hundred reais.

After the publication was shared by gossip sites, netizens did not like the girl’s ostentation and commented on the situation: “Meanwhile, the poor person eats eggs haha ​​because the kilo of meat is 40 reais (I’m not criticizing her, I’m just making a comparison)“, said a netizen.

“And she’s breaking the record for trifles…always unnecessary!”, said another Instagram user. “Do you want to post? Is it a good tone? No, it’s not in a good way”, said another internet user about the Viih Tube post. “Even the meat is bathed and she is not”, said an internet user in reference to the behavior of youtuber during the BBB21, of not taking a shower often.

Continues after advertising

Viih Tube recently got involved in another controversy after pretending that she had broken up with her boyfriend Bruno Magri so that the engagement would help in the dissemination of his new book, “Cancelada”. After revealing that it was all just a marketing ploy, the digital influencer made a vengeance:

“It’s on the internet that they decide who they will hate or love. sometimes the reality of offline is nothing they broadcast online. They are cutouts. It’s possible to manipulate everything”said the young youtuber. Bruno Magri also spoke about what happened and revealed the reason for the fake news: “It’s an appeal. We want to show that it is possible to believe everything you see on the internet. However, not everything is real”, said the also digital influencer.

Youber’s book is about mental health and she explained the reason for the name “Cancelled”: “Have you ever imagined everyone with an idea formed about you? ‘Wow, I think she’s a snake’, ‘I think she’s a super player, strategist’, ‘Aff, she’s a bit forced’. They’ve called me everything! Annoying, annoying, fake, spoiled, slut, disgusting, forced, lazy, cookie cutter, canceled and that’s the name of my book! Because yes, I’ve been canceled a lot! What will I lie for? It’s part of who I am and my evolution!”.

Viih Tube was the 13th out of Big Brother Brasil 21, leaving with the rejection of 96.69% of the public’s votes. At Paredão, he faced the singer and finalist fiuk and the semifinalist and economist Gilberto Nogueira, known for Gil of Vigor. In the confinement reality, she was seen as one of the villains, as well as Karol Conka.

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