Viviane Araújo’s partner reports pressure from fans

Viviane Araújo’s teacher at “Super Dança dos Famosos”, Rodrigo Oliveira entered the competition as a replacement for Adeilton Ribeiro, who was dismissed by Globo after rumors that the actress was dissatisfied with her work. In the last program, Vivi and the new teacher were eliminated and failed to qualify for the grand final.

The dancer is not surprised by the rancidity of the public on social media, but he recognizes that it was an unusual situation that he had to deal with. The professor had already participated in other editions of the board, but something similar had not yet happened to him.

Many people do not know what happened and left taking sides, judging. It is part. The day-to-day work went smoothly, because I knew that [as críticas pela troca de professor] would pass quickly. And that’s what happened.

The conversation with Vivi Araújo

Oliveira received a phone call from the program’s production team and thus learned that he would take on the challenge of forming a duo with Viviane Araújo in “Super Dança dos Famosos”. He remembers that it didn’t take him long to talk to both Vivi and her old teacher.

I told her, ‘look Vivi, I’ll be on the painting, the production called me and I hope we can develop a really cool job’. And I also talked to the old teacher, Adeilton, and I said: ‘I don’t know what’s going on, but I’d like to let you know that I’ll be joining the board to dance with Vivi, and that I have a lot of respect for her work.

Viviane Araújo with teacher Rodrigo Oliveira at 'Super Dança dos Famosos' - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Viviane Araújo with teacher Rodrigo Oliveira at ‘Super Dança dos Famosos’

Image: Reproduction/Instagram

What was missing to reach the final?

The dancer doesn’t feel that he owed anything in the last performances, in the salsa and tango rhythms: “It’s hard to say [o que faltou]. We danced very well. As far as technically was up to me, I did my best. It was a question of the public”.

He and Vivi won top marks from the technical and artistic juries. For him, the ideal would have been a technical draw with Dandara Mariano:

We ended up taking a tenth less at each pace and we were on our way, but it was a feeling of accomplishment. We were left with our souls washed.

The final of “Super Dança dos Famosos” will be disputed on Sunday between Paolla Oliveira with teacher Leandro Azevedo, Rodrigo Simas and teacher Nathália Ramos and Dandara Mariano with teacher Diego Maia.

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