With an optimistic exterior, the dollar closed again at a drop and the Ibovespa rose 2%

The dollar retreated against the real at the end of business on Tuesday (24). The North American currency closed the session with a fall of 2.23%, to R$5.2620. As in the previous trading session, international optimism was enough to calm investors in relation to domestic political and economic noises.

At B3, the mood was also optimistic as Wall Street indices rose again. At the close, the Ibovespa advanced 2.33% to 120,210 points.

On Wall Street, US stocks closed higher, even after a Nasdaq record the day before, as moods improved after the FDA granted full authorization to the Covid-19 vaccine produced by Pfizer with BioNTech. The hope is that the endorsement will encourage the most reluctant portion of the US population to seek immunization against the disease.

At the end of trading, the Dow Jones closed up 0.09%, to 35,367.90 points, while the S&P 500 advanced 0.15%, to 4,486.27 points, and the Nasdaq presented a gain of 0.52%, to 15,019.80 points.

As a result, travel-related actions rose sharply here in Brazil. Gol (GOLL4) was up 10.97%, Embraer (EMBR3) was up 8.13% and Azul (BLUE4) was up 7.3%.

But the alert remains on, as the country accumulates bad news in August. They range from fiscal maneuvers to try to solve a billion-dollar debt of precatório and the failure of the tax reform of the income tax, to the threat of boycotting the elections and an unprecedented impeachment request of a minister of the Supreme Court, both coming from the President of the Republic .

The CPI of the Pandemic received, this Tuesday (24), the businessman Emanuel Catori, a partner at Belcher Farmacêutica. The deponent appeared before the Federal Senate as summoned to explain more details about purchase intentions involving the immunizing agent Convidencia, from the Chinese laboratory CanSino.

There were concerns, however, about the slow pace of vaccination in the Asian region. While declining in India, Taiwan and Indonesia, cases of Covid-19 infection have gained momentum in Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam.