Xiaomi abandons Mi name on cell phones after 10 years; understand the change | Cell phone

The Mi brand will no longer be part of Xiaomi’s future cell phones. The Chinese giant has confirmed the decision to abandon the term that has accompanied its smartphones since the first model, launched in 2011. The recent Xiaomi Mix 4, for example, reflects the transition, which should be completed in the third quarter.

“The move will unify our global brand presence,” a spokesperson told the site The Verge. The representative acknowledged that nowadays there is a bottleneck in the way the company is known around the world. It recently surpassed Apple in smartphone sales to take second place in the global rankings, behind only Samsung.

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Xiaomi Mix 4 — Photo: Publicity/Xiaomi

Although Brazilian consumers and those from other countries have become accustomed to the “Mi” in branded products, it is worth remembering that this designation was never part of Chinese versions of smartphones.

The Mi brand predates Xiaomi’s first cell phone. Before selling the Mi 1, the manufacturer already made MIUI available as an Android version aimed at consumers looking for more customization. These versions of MIUI were popular in the infancy of Google’s system and paved the way for the custom graphical interface that persists to this day.

Lei Jun is the co-founder of Xiaomi — Photo: Reproduction/Xiaomi

Co-founder and CEO Lei Jun revealed the origin of the term back in 2011. “Mi” would be a two-way acronym: “Mission Impossible” and “Mobile Internet”, signaling the dream of “accomplishing the impossible”, in addition to being a company dedicated to the concept of mobile internet applied to various products.

It’s still unclear what will happen to Xiaomi’s graphic brand, which underwent a makeover this year, but has an orange emblem that just reads “Mi”. In addition, the company address is mi.com.

It is also not known if there will be a change around the sub-brands Poco, from more affordable smartphones, and Redmi, to intermediate devices in different price ranges.

With information from XDA Developers and The Verge