Yago posts a photo of his swollen ankle and admits he played with pain: “Help Fluminense” | Rio de Janeiro

the image of Yago arriving in a wheelchair when Fluminense arrived on Friday, after the crash at Libertadores, due to a sprained left ankle, he had left the tricolor fans apprehensive. But the defensive midfielder, in an impressive recovery, surprised when, three days later, he not only started playing, but stayed on the field for 90 minutes in the 1-1 draw with Atlético-MG.

Last Tuesday, Yago posted on his social networks a photo showing his ankle still very swollen. At a press conference this Wednesday at CT Carlos Castilho, the midfielder admitted he thanked the physiotherapy department, headed by Nilton Petroni, known as Filé, and said he asked coach Marcão to play, even in pain:

– I suffered a sprained ankle, but I am very grateful to File and all the physiotherapy staff. Since I arrived, we have already started an intense work in physiotherapy to be able to recover as quickly as possible. And even with a little pain, I told Marcão that I wanted to play, that I wanted to be available to help Fluminense.

Yago, from Fluminense, posted a photo of a swollen ankle — Photo: Reproduction

Yago also guaranteed that he will be able to return to the field this Thursday, again against Atlético-MG, this time for the Copa do Brasil. The match valid for the quarterfinals of the competition is scheduled for 9:30 pm, at the Nilton Santos stadium.

– It keeps getting better. It’s a little swollen, with pain, but a high-level professional athlete will always have pain. But we have to go over that. I’ll be 100% for Thursday’s game.

Yago, from Fluminense, arrived in a wheelchair at Galeão last Friday — Photo: Felipe Siqueira / ge

Speaking of Atlético-MG, when asked if Fluminense is able to pass Galo, one of the best teams in the country at the moment, in the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil, Yago said he believed so and used the game valid for Brasileirão for example:

– I think so, especially for the last game against them. We gave a very good response after an elimination that many felt. I personally felt like hell, but I knew it was time to turn the key. And a game against Atlético-MG, championship leader, great team, and the team behaved very well on the field. I hope we can grow again and play a great game in the Copa do Brasil against them.

Check out more statements from Yago at the press conference:

Commitment to Roger Machado before dismissal
– The group was 100% committed to Professor Roger. But unfortunately the results didn’t come. But that is past. We are looking to look forward now and look forward to the year’s sequence with great expectations.

Marcão’s return to command
– As I said the other time he took over, last season: he is a guy who is an idol of the club, he is knowledgeable, very hardworking, very dedicated. I have a great affection for him. I hope he can repeat everything he did and each time he can grow more and help us.

Why should Flu fans trust the current cast?
– This cast has already demonstrated that it is capable, it has already demonstrated in adversity that it is overcome. Fluminense fans can expect that from this squad. We will give a positive response in the next games.

Fall in Libertadores
– In fact we were coming back from a war, really. For us it was the game of the year, expectations above us to qualify. But unfortunately it didn’t happen.

goose injury
– We had a loss in that game, the Goose, who had to undergo surgery. I wish him a good recovery, that everything can be all right and that as soon as possible he can be back.

What is the perception of Flu players about how far this team can go?
– I have a perception that things do not happen by chance, not from one day to the next, much less from one year to the next. I’ve been talking to Fred and some players that we have to do constant work. Last year we did a very good job. This season is being better than last season. And I have great expectations that we can finish this season very well so that the next one will be even better. May we be constant in what we are doing. It’s not because there’s an elimination that we have to get discouraged, throw everything in the air, say it’s all wrong. On the contrary. I believe that Fluminense will fight for titles again, to have days of glory. And we work to make that happen. And I hope that, with signings, training, dedication, that we will be stronger and stronger again. This is from one year to the next, with a lot of work, with a lot of effort. I really want to stay here for a long time for that to happen, so that each year will be better.

Change of scheme, entry of André and team with three defensive midfielders
– The boys from Xerém seem to be getting up ready to play. They have a capacity, an enormous talent. Martinelli, André and all the others who enter are doing very well. I am very happy that André was given this opportunity, that he is able to help us, playing very well. I hope it can grow more and more, can have a sequel. Not only him but others. André helps a lot in marking, he is a player who scores a lot, gives a lot of restraint. Sometimes we will lose a little more up front with one scheme or another, but you can be sure that Marcao will look for the best to balance, for the team to win again.

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