Young Nerd Joins Team Netshoes Miners

From August, the Netshoes Miners becomes the official team of Young nerd!

With the partnership confirmed, the Miners team uniforms will be stamped with the Young Nerd logo, which can be seen on the shirts of teams of all sports (League of Legends, Free Fire and FIFA).

League of Legends Drop players Lawi and Hugato, wearing the Young Nerd logo uniform | Photo by: Caico

Rafael Montalvão, Marketing Director at Netshoes, says that the collaboration between the two brands will have beneficial effects in more than one vertical:

“The combination of the two brands will leverage the results of each company and produce more content for the gaming enthusiast audience.”

The director Netshoes Miners executive Marcelo Fadul talks about the added value resulting from the partnership, strengthening the entire esports scene:

“Positioning the Young Nerd as a company associated with Miners gives us even more weight in the scene, relates us to the enormous fanbase of the Young Nerd and still strengthens the scenario of electronic sports.”

Check out the news announcement video below!