Actors say goodbye and assess the end of the Jacob phase in Genesis

The participation of Miguel Coelho, Michelle Baptist and Thais Melchior in Genesis. The protagonists of the stage Jacob said goodbye to the novel in this Tuesday’s chapter (24).

Now, the characters will be lived respectively by Petronio Gontijo, Ingra Lyberato and Giselle Tigre. They enter production after another lapse of time and the beginning of the last part, Joseph of Egypt.

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To celebrate the success of the biblical plot, the trio got together for a relaxed chat, shown on Michelle’s YouTube channel. Along with her twin sister, Gisele, she received friends to talk about the plot.

According to Thais, the cycle ended with a golden key. “We got together a lot. This trio I want forever. I want it to be repeated in several novels. It was a very fun nucleus, we just had good memories. The chemistry was something inexplicable”, highlighted.

For Miguel, the repercussions as Jacob are enormous, whether on social networks or on the streets. For him, the work was rewarding. “We’ve been recording since January. The three of us prepared a lot. We went through a lot to have what’s in the air today. It’s really cool and gratifying to have this recognition. We worked a lot, it worked a lot!”, he pointed out.

Michelle, on the other hand, thanked her for the partnership with her colleagues. “I really wanted to thank you. You guys were amazing. We had a lot of fun. It was very tiring, but pleasurable”, reported.

With the last phase, Genesis should be aired by the end of September. The new biblical novel from Record TV it will be kings, still in production. Therefore, the substitute for the plot that tells the story of the beginning of the world can be The ten Commandments.