Afghan baby born on an American plane will be called ‘Reach’, codename for the aircraft | World

The revelation was made by the commander of American forces in Europe, General Tod Wolters, on Wednesday (25).

“As a US Air Force pilot, my dream is to see this little girl named Reach grow into an American citizen and fly our Air Force fighter jets,” said Wolters.

Reach’s mother was pregnant and began experiencing contractions during the flight between an air base in Qatar and another in Germany. She went into labor and started having complications.

The pilot then decided to fly lower to increase the air pressure in the aircraft.. The maneuver worked and helped to stabilize the mother’s health status (see the video below).

VIDEO: Afghan gives birth on US military plane

VIDEO: Afghan gives birth on US military plane

Right after landing in Ramstein, US military personnel performed the birth on an airplane, before the woman was transported with her baby to a nearby hospital..

Two other children were born hours after the flight, still at the American base in Ramstein, Germany.

Every American military aircraft has a code name to communicate with each other or with the control towers. ‘Reach’ is used for the C-17 cargo planes, and the one used for evacuation is the Reach 828.

“They called it Reach because it was the code name for the C-17,” explained Wolters.

The general said about 100 people, of the 7,000 evacuated from Kabul through US bases in Europe, had received medical help (whether for Covid-19 symptoms or for other medical reasons).

Twenty-five had to be admitted to a local hospital and 12 had already been discharged.

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