After Faustão’s resignation, Rede Globo attracts attention with Marcos Mion and the departure of Luciano Huck

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Rede Globo, for sure, is undergoing major changes in this year of 2021. In addition to the dismissal of Faustian and from the end of Huck’s cauldron, the hiring of Marcos Mion has also been attracting a lot of attention from fans and also the ‘haters’ of the network.

Rede Globo fans do not fail to affirm that the hiring of Marcos Mion was one of the best of all times. After all, according to them, the presenter has many qualities and incredible positive points that can add even more value to the network.

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These fans, despite regretting the departure of Fausto Silva, also claim that the changes will do a lot of good for Rede Globo’s audience.

Despite all the positive comments, many ‘haters’ of the channel insist that Rede Globo is going bankrupt and, therefore, cannot pay high salaries. These, in turn, are keen to emphasize that the network is losing excellent actors and actresses with each passing day.

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Marcos Mion celebrates hiring by Rede Globo

Marcos Mion, since being hired by Rede Globo, did not hide his happiness. The presenter gave interviews very emotional with the victory in his professional life and, also, has been making many publications about the subject on his social networks.

“Badge + Dr Roberto Statue + Golf Cart … my God … it’s happening!!.
BY********************A!!! Sorry, Dr Roberto. But what I’m feeling when fulfilling the dream of my life is difficult to describe in words!”, wrote the presenter celebrating the realization of his dream.

Still, it is not certain what Marcos Mion’s program will be on Rede Globo. As soon as we know more details, we will keep you updated and with all the information!

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