The countryman Zé Neto published a photo on Instagram recently in which he appears wearing wet shorts and tight to his body. As well as the famous photo of the singer’s swimming trunks, which went viral last year, once again, the image of Zé Neto’s short shorts has once again attracted the attention of the internet.

The Gina Indelicada profile, which has 9.4 million followers on the social network, played with the click. “Look at the color of this water! Crystal clear! I would never have the courage to go to a cave like this, the risk of finding a snake like that is very high! (laughter)”.

Zé Neto – Instagram

This Tuesday (24), Natália Toscano, the artist’s wife, showed that she is taking the comments about the photo as a joke and answered the profile, with good humor: “It’s really dangerous, Gina Indelicada… I even found one (laughs). )”.

In September of last year, Zé Neto was surprised by the comments he received when he posted a photo of his trip along Costa Do Sauípe, in Bahia, alongside Natália. At the time, the countryman was disconcerted by the netizens who were surprised by the volume of the swim trunks he wore. “I’m stumped! Tomorrow I’ll come in shorts,” he said.

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