Alexa Nikolas says she was abused by Michael Milosh in her teens

Alexa Nikolas, 29, has filed a lawsuit against her ex-husband, Michael Milosh, for harassment as a minor, sexual assault and manipulation to marry him. The information is from the “TMZ” website.

In the documents obtained by the report, the interpreter of Nicole Bristow in the series “Zoey 101”, by Nickelodeon, alleged in court that the musician, from the pop group Rhye, “took advantage of the innocence of a minor fan [de idade] to manipulate her and coerce her to succumb to his repeated sexual attacks.”

The actress explained that the relationship with the Canadian artist began when she, at age 16, sought him out through the social network MySpace to participate in the shooting of the movie “Children of the Corn”.

At the time, Milosh, aged 33, surprised the young woman with a quick response to the request, and later the conversations between them became sexual. He met the young fan in person after she turned 18 and started sexual abuse.

Between 2010 and 2011, the actress claimed that Milosh coerced her into filming the sex act and later discovered that he used part of the audio on the “Jetlag” album. The song “Don’t call it”, according to Alexa, has her voice screaming “no” in response to an anal penetration of the musician.

Also in the document, Alexa reported that Milosh convinced her to marry him so she could get a green card (permanent immigration visa in the United States). They were married in 2012 and separated four years later, but divorce papers were not signed until 2019.

Alexa Nikolas is currently suing Michael Milosh for ‘unspecified’ damages. “TMZ” claimed to have contacted the musician, but did not get an answer until the disclosure of the documentation of the process.