AliExpress is concerned about postal privatization

The project for the privatization of post offices is in Congress, and this movement can impact many other companies, one of them is the AliExpress, a Chinese company that belongs to the group alibaba.

O AliExpress is increasingly providing more services in Brazil, it recently announced the opening of the marketplace for sellers who sell from within the country, before the sales site worked only with the sale of products from abroad to Brazil, mainly products from China.

Viviane Almeda, who is the commercial manager of the AliExpress, informed that the company is moving so as not to depend only on a logistical partner, in this case the post offices.

It turns out that many companies are eyeing the privatization of post offices and this includes major direct competitors of the AliExpress, which poses concern for the great Chinese.

the commercial manager Viviane Almeida also said: “It’s a threat we’ve had for a long time; it’s a point of attention”, because if a competitor manages to keep the post offices, this can mean a lot of problems for the logistics system of the AliExpress in our country.

Asked about the possibility of the Chinese company being interested in post offices, Viviane he says he does not have this information and confirms that the company is looking for new partners to distribute the products sold by the Chinese website: “In the evolution of the project, in the very short term, we are going to put in other logistical partners”.

Yaman Alpata, director of “Local to Local” of the AliExpress informs that the company has plans to expand its logistics network in Brazil and this includes opening a company distribution center as soon as possible.

About the post offices, after the approval of the privatization by the Chamber of Deputies, the Senate must vote on the text, the government is awaiting the approval of Congress so that it can carry out the auction of the state-owned company in the first half of 2022.


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Via: this money