Amidst controversies, Sérgio Reis is admitted to Hospital Albert Einstein, in São Paulo

The singer Sergio Reis, 81, has been hospitalized at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, in São Paulo, since last Tuesday, 24, with prostatitis, an inflammation of the prostate. According to doctors, this condition may be related to the stress experienced by the singer. Even though he was hospitalized, he testified to the Federal Police. Geraldo Luís he was at the hospital and posted photos of the meeting he had with the artist on Wednesday, 25. “I came to visit my dear friend Sérgio Reis at the hospital. He is better and beside his beloved Angela. He had to be hospitalized, soon at home, God willing”, he wrote in the publication’s caption. THE Young pan he sought out the singer’s team to find out more about his health status, but he still hasn’t got any feedback. The artist would have started to present health problems after being the target of criticism for having an audio leaked on social networks that generated national repercussion.

Last Sunday, 22, Record’s “Sunday Spectacular” aired an interview in which the countryman, who is diabetic, even appeared in bed receiving care from his wife, Angela Marcia. “I’m quiet, trying to be calm”, declared the singer during the recordings that were made on Saturday, 21. In the leaked audio, the artist talks about a demonstration organized for the next 7th of September, which aims to demand the printed vote and the impeachment of the ministers of the Federal Supreme Court (STF). Sérgio declared in the leaked recording that if the claims were not followed within 30 days, he and the protesters would invade the STF and take out the ministers “by force”.

The singer’s statements generated controversy and he was investigated by the Federal Police for inciting violence and a threat to democracy, in addition to having his cell phone confiscated during a search and seizure warrant. When Sérgio appeared in bed on Record’s Sunday program, Angela Márcia said that her husband was not affected by the policewoman’s actions, but rather by the attitude of fans and celebrities. “He’s not in bed because of the Federal Police, it’s because of grief. People are moving away, friends, fans, talking absurd nonsense”, he declared at the time. Amidst the controversy over the leaked audio, singers Zé Ramalho, Maria Rita, Guarabyra, Guilherme Arantes and Anastácia gave up participating in the partnership album that would be released by the singer, but the project was eventually canceled, as announced by Sérgio’s son. The countryman has already apologized for what he said in the audio and maintained his support for the demonstration.

*With information from reporter Nanny Cox.