Ariadna Pinbolarista Makeup Artist: ‘Lean against the President’s Wife’

Credit: Instagram reproduction montage

Ariadna Arantes and Agustin Fernandez (Credit: Instagram reproduction montage)

the ex-BBB Ariadna Arantes pinned Augustin Fernandez, pocket influencer, personal friend and makeup artist of Michelle Bolsonaro, wife of the president Jair Bolsonaro (no party). On Instagram, Ariadna commented in a post on the gossip profile “Queen Matos” that she talked about Agustin’s birthday party, which brought together the first lady.

“The mamata will end”, wrote the brunette on the social network.

In response, the makeup artist called Ariadna irrelevant and said she keeps whining on the internet: “Another irrelevant who goes on the internet whining to get people’s attention. The only relevant thing you’ve done so far was translating the restaurant’s menu during our master diva Anitta’s tour in Italy. Honestly, see? Will hit one in your life, ‘love’, there’s still time. PS: Google how to sign up for a ride on a FAB flight,” said Agustin.

Ariadna concluded the fight by saying that Agustin is leaning against the president’s wife. “Honey, I don’t whine on the internet. Unfortunately I am, yes, part of a minority. I didn’t translate menus for Anitta, her diva and my friend, because you’re so misinformed she can speak Italian. Who are you to say I have to get my life right? Do you know anything about my life? My roads, my achievements? Get better, darling. I’m not going to Google how to get a ride on the FAB flight, do you know why? When do I want to travel to Egypt, France, United States, South Africa, Northern Ireland, Argentina, Ireland, England, Austria, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Germany, Netherlands, Thailand, Denmark, Sweden, among other countries that I went, I pay with my money, I don’t hitchhike. This I leave to you, leaning on the president’s wife”.

Last Saturday (21st), Augustin posted videos and photos of the event, which took place at Café Journal Moema, in São Paulo, on the web. According to him, the celebration was a surprise he did not expect.

See the publication by Agustin Fernandez:

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