Arrested accused of diverting cargo with 500 new Flamengo shirts announced on the internet before launch

RIO – The police arrested in the act, this Tuesday, a transport driver accused of illegally appropriating and distributing 500 new Flamengo shirts for sale. The official launch was scheduled to take place on Wednesday, but the day before the shirt was already offered irregularly on the internet. In one of the ads, the asking price was R$ 250. In official stores, the product does not come for less than R$ 279.99.

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The arrest took place after monitoring was carried out by agents of the Theft and Theft of Cargo Police (DRFC). Police officers identified that some people were marketing the shirts on social media and messaging apps.

Ad offers shirt cheaper than in store Photo: Reproduction
Ad offers shirt cheaper than in store Photo: Reproduction

According to the police, the driver Krystian Reis de Paula appropriated the cargo and passed it on to other people for sale. With the great demand for information about the new shirt, the ads caught the attention of agents, who got in touch with the carrier.
The São Paulo police, the driver claimed to have been the victim of cargo theft on Avenida Bandeirantes, in São Paulo. But the DRFC identified that the products were sold one hour before the alleged theft of the cargo. The driver was arrested on his way back to Rio.

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Even on the eve of the official launch of the team shirt, it was offered on the internet. The great demand made the product sell out in less than two hours. Police say they have already identified the advertisers, who will be called to provide clarification in the specialist.

Still, according to the police, the driver had another 20 records as a victim of cargo theft. Now, the police will analyze the other cases registered by him, while trying to identify the receivers.