Asus motherboard owner updates BIOS with ASRock firmware adding support for Zen 3 CPUs

The brave wasn’t too worried about losing an Asus ROG Crosshair VI

When it comes to PC, the famous “go bad” is easy to perform, even when you have experience. Updating the BIOS of a motherboard with different firmware is very dangerous, but in this case here, it looks like it worked out. the owner of a X370 motherboard enabled support for AMD Zen 3 CPUs on this chipset.

The report happened on the Asus ROG forum, since the motherboard that received the different BIOS is a Asus ROG Crosshair VI X370. the generation of 300-series chipset does not support AMD Ryzen 5000 processors, as they are all based on Zen 3. The feat was possible, using the firmware of a ASRock B450 Pro4 R2.0 and a specific command.

Initially, support for Zen 3 based CPUs would only happen on 500 series motherboards. Shortly after the announcement, which was not well received, especially by those who had purchased a B450 or X470, AMD stepped back and announced support to 400 series chipset.

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ASRock brought support for Zen 3 CPUs on 400 series motherboards through new firmware and, according to the responsible for the feat, the version 4.50 that arrived on ASRock’s B450 Pro4 R2.0 works on ROG Crosshair VI also. According to him, version 4.80 enables AMD’s Smart Access Memory technology on the Asus motherboard for those who just want that function.

It is never recommended to use firmware from different motherboards, especially when they are from different chipset families and brands. This can even lead to making the entire system unusable due to obvious incompatibility. Even the visual part of the interface is created for each model specifically. So something like that has everything to go wrong. If you want to try it at your own risk, the steps are:

  • Download firmware from ASRock website
  • Create a bootable drive
  • Copy firmware to used drive
  • Download AFUDOS (an installation utility) and copy to drive
  • Boot and update the BIOS using the command “afudosnameofrom.rom /gan” (/gan forces the BIOS to write even if the codes don’t match)

So far, there have been no reports that this could render the motherboard receiving the different firmware unusable. The first person to risk this shouldn’t have cared too much about their X370 and was willing to take the risks.


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Via: Tom’s Hardware