Atltico: Boca president says the club was ‘on purpose’

(Photo: AFP)

the president of Boca Juniors, Jorge Ameal, spoke again about the elimination of the Argentine team for the athletic, against the final round of the Liberators cup. The official criticized the treatment of the police and the fireworks promoted by the athletes the night before the game in Belo Horizonte (20/7). He also said that Boca was superior in both games and was “purposefully removed” from the competition.

“Boca is an organization that organizes itself, it was with its players, with its doctors. If you look for hair in egg, you’ll find it. The night before in Brazil was a terrible thing, the fireworks, there are other teams that don’t do it. That’s with him. The mistreatment by the police was also bad,” said the official, in an interview ESPN Argentina.

“Boca was the champion (of the series). The team to leave was Atltico Mineiro, and I’m sure that we were superior to Mineiro and that we deserved to be in the final phase,” added Ameal. The two games between Atltico and Boca were 0-0. In both, the Argentine team had a goal disallowed by the VAR. Galo advanced with a victory on penalties, 3-1.

After the game in Belo Horizonte, Boca players started a big mess, with the right to fight with security guards and the police, attempt to invade Atltico’s locker room and destroy Mineiro’s heritage. “The players are human beings too, we should play finals, semifinals, but we were harmed in both games”, tried to justify Jorge Ameal.