Aziz calls the guarantor of Need ‘Lorota Bank’ and says government let company act to ‘cheat’ ministry | Covid’s CPI

Covid’s CPI president, Omar Aziz (PSD-AM), used the term “Lorota Bank” to refer this Wednesday (25th) to FIB Bank, a company that acted as guarantor of Need Medicines in federal government contracts .

According to Aziz, the role of FIB Bank was to “deceive” public agents – and the government would have allowed the company to “enter” the Ministry of Health to try to benefit.

The president of FIB Bank, Roberto Pereira Ramos Júnior, gave testimony to the CPI on Wednesday. During the hearing, senators presented a series of inconsistencies in FIB Bank’s financial capacity and in the composition of the company’s corporate structure.

“The role of the ‘Lorota Bank’ is to deceive. But our role, and especially the role of the Federal Court of Accounts, the role of the Federal Comptroller General and the role of the Ministry of Health’s expense organizer, was not to allow that ‘Lorota Bank’ entered the Ministry of Health. And they allowed it to enter,” said Aziz.

Covid CPI: FIB Bank director talks about bail in Covaxin vaccine negotiation

Covid CPI: FIB Bank director talks about bail in Covaxin vaccine negotiation

The nickname “Lorota Bank” was coined by senator Rogério Carvalho (PT-SE) and refers to the English term fib, which in Portuguese means “lie”.

FIB Bank was the guarantor of the contract signed between Need Medicines and the Ministry of Health in the negotiation of the Covaxin vaccine. The CPI wants to know the reason for need to hire FIB Bank – which, despite its name, is not a financial institution – and if there are irregularities in the process.

The CPI also determines if the company has any hidden partner – and, if so, to whom he would be connected.

“There were civil servants within the Ministry of Health who agreed with this and who are still there, have not left. The CGU, together with Minister Marcelo Queiroga [Saúde], took a long time,” declared Aziz.

“The role of the Ministry of Health is not to be deceived and not deceive the Brazilian people, especially when thousands of people were dying, 575,000 lives were lost”, completed the president of the CPI.

President of FIB Bank, Roberto Pereira listened to the words of Omar Aziz silently.

Valdo on FIB Bank: 'Company that was clearly created to hide its real owner'

Valdo on FIB Bank: ‘Company that was clearly created to hide its real owner’

For Alessandro Vieira (Cidadania-SE), some political agent opened the doors of the Ministry of Health for “shelf” companies such as FIB Bank to try to put in place a scheme of “draining resources and laundering money”.

“How does all this work without having a political character who can give a boost, because none of this works without politics, bad politics. It’s not real politics, it’s politicking,” said Vieira.

“It’s very clear what we have here: we have a structure that makes a makeup of resources, which simulates the existence of an equity. The process, the two partners of the MD fund, the process of this R$7 Nababesco property billion, all backed by documentation with obvious characteristics of a problem here. The property was never registered, senator Omar Aziz. It’s only worth R$7 billion, according to the evaluation of an engineer who, if I’m not mistaken, has already been arrested for fraud in valuations “, completed the senator of Citizenship.

Eliziane Gama questioned whether Roberto Pereira has any relationship with the leader of the government in the Chamber, Ricardo Barros (PP-PR), former Minister of Health, but the president of FIB Bank denied it.

CPI suspects that the company involved in the Covaxin case is a 'fake bank'

CPI suspects that the company involved in the Covaxin case is a ‘fake bank’

‘Government didn’t spend a penny’

Evidence of irregularities in the negotiations involving Precise and FIB Bank were also the target of attacks by government officials at the CPI. Senator Marcos Rogério (DEM-RO), a member of Bolsonaro’s riot police, demanded an investigation by the Federal Police into the case.

Jorginho Mello (PL-SC), another Jair Bolsonaro ally, called the company’s performance “picking”.

“We even feel a bit like dismissing you [Roberto Pereira], because it’s so much nonsense you’re talking about here that it’s going to cost you dearly, you know? This hack that you tried to do against the federal government,” said Jorginho.

At the same time, lawmakers defended the federal government – ​​noting that the contract was interrupted before any amount was disbursed.

“It’s a good thing the government didn’t buy it, it’s a good thing the government didn’t buy it and didn’t spend a penny on it, but you will have to be held responsible for that,” he said.

In the same vein, Marcos Rogério said that one cannot talk about corruption by the government because not a penny was paid.

Alessandro Vieira countered: “It’s no use repeating here, shouting, using a beautiful voice, imposed, sounding like an announcer, to say that there’s no corruption if you don’t have payment. Corruption takes place in the request,” he said.