Bahia confirms application of the 3rd dose; more than 950,000 Bahians should receive an extra dose

The Department of Health of Bahia (Sesab) announced that it will fully follow the decision of the National Immunization Plan (PNI) of the Ministry of Health, to apply, from the second half of September, booster doses, and reduce the interval between doses of vaccines from Pfizer and AstraZeneca. The Ministry determined the 15th of September as the starting date for the application of the third dose.

The action will be aimed at all immunosuppressed individuals 28 days after the second dose and for people over 70 years old who have been vaccinated for 6 months. According to Sesab, the booster dose is estimated for an audience of over 950,000 Bahians.

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Immunization of the third dose should preferably be done with a dose from Pfizer, or alternatively with a viral vector vaccine from Janssen or AstraZeneca. Also starting next month, the interval between the doses of Pfizer and AstraZeneca will go from 12 to 8 weeks for the entire population.

According to the secretariat, these changes do not interfere in the distribution logistics from the state to the municipalities.

In addition, the Government of Bahia is asking in court for more than 1 million doses of the vaccine against Covid-19, which, according to the state, were not delivered by the Federal Government, using the population percentage as a criterion.

Sesab claims that the deficit has hampered the pace of vaccination in the state, with several municipalities applying the first dose in age groups over 25 years. Also according to the secretariat, other states of the federation, such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Sul received, respectively, 2.1 million, 1.1 million and 1.1 million doses more than the percentage populational.