Bizarre! Indian dies after using super glue as a condom; understand

What was supposed to be an intense night of love turned out to be a true horror movie… Salman Mirza, a 25-year-old Indian, died last Sunday (22), after using a super adhesive resin on his penis, as a substitute for a condom. The case took place in the city of Ahmedabad and was reported by the newspaper “The Times of India” on Tuesday (24).

According to the police investigation, the boy stayed in a hotel with his then fiancee and another woman. At night, when he went to have sex, he realized he didn’t have condoms and decided to apply the epoxy adhesive to his genitals, in a bizarre attempt to protect himself. Guys, what do you mean?!

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The next day, Salman was found already unconscious by a friend, lying on top of bushes near an apartment complex. As a result, Mirza was taken to this colleague’s house to receive care. However, his health quickly deteriorated and he was referred to the Civil Hospital in Sola, but he died shortly thereafter.

In testimony, friends of the victim claimed that he and his fiancee were drug users. The witnesses then assumed that the Indian was under the influence of some substance, which would have motivated the improper replacement of condoms. Therefore, authorities point out that the couple supposedly may have inhaled the epoxy resin, which causes hallucinogenic effects when mixed with other elements.

Also according to the police, Salman had multiple organ failure, and the use of improvised contraceptives may indeed have worsened his health condition. “The deceased’s body was sent for forensic analysis. We are waiting for the report to arrive to conclude the case”, said Premsukh Delu, one of the investigators in front of the case.