Bolsonaro criticizes Pacheco’s decision and promises to continue crusade against STF ministers

A day after the decision of the president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco (DEM-MG), to file the impeachment request of minister Alexandre de Moraes, president Jair Bolsonaro commented on the decision. In a radio interview Pernambuco Newspaper on Thursday 26, the president said he regretted the congressman’s position, but assured that he will continue his crusade against the minister of the Supreme Court.

“I regret the position of Mr. Rodrigo Pacheco yesterday, but we will continue here at the limit, within the four lines, to seek freedom for [sic] our people,” promised Bolsonaro.

In the conversation, Bolsonaro was quite dissatisfied with the senator who had his support to reach the presidency of the House.

“Mr. Pacheco understood and welcomed [orientação] of his law firm there in the Senate. Now, when an order came from Minister Barroso to open Covid’s CPI, he ordered it to be opened, period. So, he acted differently from how he acted in the past”, he declared.

According to the head of the Planalto, he will continue to fight against what he considers an abuse on the part of Moraes, in particular the arrest warrants against his supporters.

“We know, you know, that in this fight I’m pretty much alone in it. What are the accusations against Alexandre de Moraes, he practically ignores the Constitution. He opened an inquiry of fake news which is not even typified in the Penal Code. In the Penal Code the word is not even written fake news“, he said. “He just starts investigating anyone. He arrests and takes his freedom, as Roberto Jefferson is without freedom, as is the journalist Eustáquio, under house arrest, as well as Congressman Daniel from Rio de Janeiro”, he added.

The president then went on to emphasize that his participation on September 7 will be just another step in this crusade ‘in favor of the freedom of the people’. Discarding any risk of institutional breakdown, Bolsonaro said the demonstrations will only be ‘a snapshot of what the people want’.

As he explained, the coup-like tone that won the act is an attempt to undermine his image, since ‘anyone’ who makes a threat and has ‘some kind of connection with him’ is taken as a spokesman for his government, citing the case of federal deputy Otoni de Paula (PSC-RJ) who threatened a ‘civil war’ in favor of the government.

“Anyone who says something, who exaggerates, who extrapolates, if they have any connection with me, if there’s a plastic in their car with Bolsonaro written on it, people link to me as if I were my spokesperson. What I understand about Mr. Otoni de Paula is that he is a person who votes a large part of the matters with us, I’ve had a few times with him and he has full freedom to express himself. But I don’t believe in civil war, we don’t provoke it and we don’t want it from there,” he said.

Further on, he reinforced that the ‘movement on the 7th, like all others made by people sympathetic to the government, will be extremely peaceful movements’, then going on to attack acts contrary to his government planned for the same day: “The other side when it goes to these movements, like the Antifas, the MST people, with red flags, hammers and sickles, they raid bank branches, they set fire to tires in the streets, they throw stones at police officers, we don’t do that from there”.

In the conversation, he also demanded the participation of other politicians in the movements for Brazil.

“It would be good for politicians from all over Brazil to attend these movements and use the floor to reassure, to show what he is doing and what he can do for the population”, he demanded. “Democracy and freedom above all, this is our agenda for the 7th of September”, he concluded.

printed vote

During the interview, Bolsonaro was asked if he would continue to defend the printed vote, the main flag in recent months, which was defeated in a vote in the Chamber of Deputies.

“It’s not that I won’t talk about it anymore [voto impresso], I’m not going to leverage on that. We are working on another front”, he replied without providing details on what this ‘another front’ would be.

“We want elections next year, no one has said that we don’t want elections next year, we do, but democratic, clean elections,” he added next.

time frame

The president also took advantage of the interview to defend the approval of the timeframe in the Supreme Court. The court began on Wednesday 25 the analysis of the topic that changes the understanding of the demarcation of indigenous lands in Brazil. The president made an alarmist projection about the trial:

“If the Supreme Court changes its understanding of the time frame, there is an order for me to demarcate as indigenous land the equivalent of a southeast region. […] We simply won’t have more agriculture in Brazil, Brazil will be doomed to live I don’t know how, maybe importing food, now paying with what money? I don’t know either”, he said.

Since the 22nd, more than 6,000 indigenous people have gathered in the Federal District in the ‘Fight for life’ camp, against projects such as Bill 490 and the Temporal Framework thesis, which could affect the demarcation of 303 indigenous lands in progress in the country.

In an article, capital letter he spoke with experts who refute the president’s thesis and revealed everything that is at risk for indigenous peoples in the trial.

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