Brendan Fraser delays fan call to end game on his Switch

Today, in Voxel’s “Caetano crosses the street in Leblon” section, we have this amusing gaffe by the American actor Brendan Fraser, known for films such as the series The Mummy and George, King of the Forest. He had a video call tagged with a fan as part of GalaxyCon, but he didn’t even notice that the call had already started, concentrating on his Nintendo Switch.

After a while, someone off camera tries to let you know what’s going on. Still, Brendan Fraser makes a gesture, as if asking the person to wait, as he has something important to finish. It takes a while for the fan conversation to finally start.

See the video below:

The actor’s reaction — in the most “people like us” style, with his name tag on the back of the console — drew attention and caused the Scott Lawrence fan video to have more than 150,000 views on YouTube.

On Twitter, a lot of people wondered which game demanded so much attention from Fraser: would it be a classic like Zelda or Mario or a new hit like Animal Crossing? The part where the actor lifts his little finger to measure a moment has become a meme.

This is one of those news that won’t change our lives, but it’s always good to know that it’s not just us who waste time with our games, right? It can happen to anyone!

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