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After receiving a contribution of BRL 150 million from the Softbank, the american brokerage Avenue Securities opens the selection process for strengthen the technology team of information. The company, which is headquartered in Miami and has an office in São Paulo, will hire 70 professionals in the field and all vacancies are for remote work.

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Open positions are for Back-end and Front-end developers, DevOps and quality assurance engineers. To participate in the selection process, it is a requirement that candidates master the typical programming languages ​​for each of the careers. Vacancies are aimed at professionals with all levels of experience.

Victoria Vitrio, People Director, Avenue Securities, explains that the opening of these vacancies occurs to support the growth of the brokerage. “Like we have the goal of having one million customers by the end of 2022 – today, there are 300 thousand – it is essential to attract good professionals in this area”, he says.

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Avenue’s selection process is divided into three phases. First, a profile validation interview is carried out with the human resources team. Then there is the technical interview, with experts and leaders in the field. Then, another interview, this time with the technology director.

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The salary reaches R$ 22 thousand for developers and engineers. The benefits offered for all vacancies are health plan with dental coverage, life insurance, home office assistance and vouchers (meal, food, chair). THE The company also provides $100 in the new employee’s first salary as an incentive to open a brokerage account, a 75% discount on foreign exchange for in-app investment transactions, and 24 free brokerages.

According to Vitrio, this is a way to include the employee in the investment world. “We truly believe that everyone can benefit in the financial market. If we say that to our external customer, we wouldn’t do it differently internally”, he says.

The technology team also has an incentive to education, given by monthly reimbursement for the purchase of books, courses and participation in events. Details about vacancies and entries are available on this site..

Brokerage opens 70 jobs for technology professionals — Photo: Getty Images