By Hemerson Maria, Hélio dos Anjos discards agreement with Vila Nova at the moment

Free in the market after leaving Náutico, Hélio dos Anjos has his name quoted to take over the Sport that struggles to escape the last positions in the Brazilian Championship Serie A.

His hiring by Vila Nova Futebol Clube was also a subject well discussed in recent hours, since he was active in Serie B. The Sportv channel, during the transmission of Guarani x Operário, even announced the professional’s agreement with Tigrão. It was a mistake, soon corrected by the broadcaster.

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But would Hélio accept to train Vila Nova?

Not at this moment. This is the position of the coach who, in an interview with Futebol Interior website, explained the reason and stated that he had not received an invitation: “There is no possibility. With the events regarding Hemerson Maria, I would not have the courage and I would never do that. Vila Nova didn’t look for me either. There’s nothing like that.”

Hélio was direct in the answer. Not wanted. His proximity to Hemerson Maria would be one of the reasons for not accepting an invitation. Making it clear that he sympathizes with his friend and professional colleague, due to the facts that led to the resignation of the professional at Onésio Brasileiro Alvarenga.


In relation to Leão da Ilha, Hélio dos Anjos (63 years old) does not rule out a hit, even though he recently left one of the rivals of the Pernambuco club. “I’ve already achieved many things with Náutico and with Sport itself. The connection is strong with football. I have my professional pretensions. But, still, nothing is right”.