Caixa launches new FGTS website; check out the newsCaixa launches new FGTS website; check out the news | Economy

The FGTS website receives more than 8 million hits per year, an average of 660 thousand hits per monthMarcelo Camargo/Brazil Agency

Posted 26/08/2021 10:15 | Updated 08/26/2021 2:33 PM

Caixa launches, on Wednesday, 25th, the new website of the Guarantee Fund for Time of Service (FGTS), prepared from a survey carried out with users on the site in use until then, where the main needs of customers were identified. . The page can be accessed at

With this action, while Caixa’s current management facilitates virtual communication with the Fund’s client, it celebrates the removal of the exception from the 2020 FGTS balance sheet, a fact that had not occurred since 2015, as well as celebrating the completion of the deposit of the 2020 FGTS profit in the workers’ accounts, before the statutory deadline of August 31st.

This information, among others, is available on the new FGTS website, which receives more than 8 million hits per year, an average of 660 thousand hits per month, from over 150 countries.

The new website has a modern design and completely revised content, adaptable to all screen formats and to the most varied electronic devices (computer, tablet and smartphone). In addition, search engines and content location were optimized and content categorized for each niche – Worker, Employer and Investment. In the Investments area, there is information about the Fund’s investments, Financing and FGTS Programs.

On TV FGTS, the website’s interactive area, videos produced by Caixa related to the Fund are available, in addition to the meetings of the Board of Trustees, which are broadcast live on the page, according to the Board’s meeting calendar.

Navigation through the site is intuitive and was designed to be a pleasant experience for the user, with the subjects of greatest public interest being highlighted on the first page.

To reinforce the commitment to transparency and governance in the management of the FGTS, a page dedicated to the Fund’s Reports, Financial Statements, Balance Sheets and Balance Sheets was created, which renders accounts to society and confirms the importance of the FGTS for Brazil.

Transparency in the relationship with citizens, seriousness in accountability, agility in the distribution of BRL 8.1 billion of profit in more than 191 million workers’ accounts before the expected deadline, in addition to the removal of the exception from the 2020 balance sheet of the FGTS , end up demonstrating the commitment of the bank’s current management to transparency in the administration and operation of the Guarantee Fund.