Carol Dantas and Neymar have a beautiful birthday party for their son in Paris

Digital influencer Carol Dantas and player Neymar Jr threw a beautiful party to celebrate their son’s 10th birthday

the digital influencer Carol Dantas and the player Neymar Jr are celebrating the ten years of the life of their son, the boy Davi Lucca. To celebrate the date, they threw a beautiful birthday party for the boy in Paris, France, where the player lives.

The player showed details of Davi Lucca’s beautiful birthday party. The birthday took place at a buffet and also had an outdoor space for children to play. Among the various toys present at the party, there was even a mechanical bull!

Neymar showed some photos of his son’s birthday. In one of the records, the player, David and Carol Dantas appear together singing happy birthday. And the boy was all smiling. When showing the photos of his son’s birthday, the player said: “God bless you my son, daddy loves you so much! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Davi Lucca Birthday (David Lucca’s birthday)”.

Many famous people congratulated the boy Davi Lucca. Skateboarder Rayssa Leal, the fairy, commented: “Congratulations Davi!”. And the player Marinho commented: “My kid! Uncle of love!”. The actress Juliana Paes also said: “Congratulations to him!”.

Model Izabel Goulart, who is a great friend of Neymar’s, was present at Davi Lucca’s birthday. She showed Davi Lucca, Carol Dantas and Neymar singing Happy Birthday together and commented: “Family! Love you!”. Afterwards, she even rode the mechanical bull with Davi Lucca and joked: “Happy birthday Davi! And what is Aunt Iza’s labyrinthitis like?!”.

And Silvana Oliveira, mother of singer Ludmilla, also said: “Congratulations, peace and good health for your little King, may God bless each day but his life!”. And the player Bruno Agnello also said: “Congratulations to Davizinho! It’s not so ‘little’ anymore hahaha! God bless you always”.

Davi Lucca’s stepfather, entrepreneur Vinícius Martinez, and the boy’s little brother, little Valentin, aged 1 year and 11 months, also participated in the party! The player has a great relationship with his son’s stepfather.

Carol Dantas celebrating the ten years of Davi Lucca

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Birthday of the son of Neymar and Carol Dantas

The son of Neymar and Carol Dantas on Davi Lucca’s birthday

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