Carol Narizinho already stayed with Gabriel Medina and Caio Castro

Carol Narizinho was interviewed for the podcast “Papagaio Falante”, by Sérgio Mallandro and Luiz França. The ex-panicat, who now lives a serious relationship with businessman Gustavo Fischer, remembered some famous people with whom she has exchanged kisses in the past, although she assures that there were not many.

Carol denied any romantic involvement with Neymar, but said that she even enjoyed a party for New Year’s Eve with which the player also participated. However, he guarantees that nothing happened between the two. “I was on a roll with someone else,” Carol said.

Luiz França asked if the person in question was Gabriel Medina and the ex-panicat nodded. “Yeah, but it wasn’t a romance, no. Just… colorful friendship.” She praised the surfer: “He is very nice, very cool. But it was a party, it was messy, we were there having fun”.

Sérgio Mallandro provoked: “And when he had sex with you, did he only talk about waves?”. However, Carol replied: “But who said that [a gente] did you get laid?”.

Carol was even asked if she had ever had a relationship with Caio Castro. She laughed. “Now I’m quiet, but I enjoyed my single life while I was single.”

Mallandro joked about “novel kisses” and asked the interviewee to tell “a scene” that she had lived with the actor. But she changed the subject: “This is prohibited for minors”.

Still, the ex-panicat told how they met: “I met him several times at clubs. It wasn’t an affair. He was single and I was single… We were enjoying life, that’s it. I enjoyed it.”