Carrier driver arrested in Rio de Janeiro on suspicion of theft and sale of Flamengo’s new shirt | Flamengo

Civil police arrested the driver of a transport company in the act on suspicion of having stolen and distributed 500 shirts from Clube de Regatas do Flamengo for sale.

The driver told police that he was a victim of cargo theft in São Paulo, but the investigation found that he appropriated the cargo and passed it on to other people for sale. He was arrested on Tuesday (24).

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New Flamengo shirt — Photo: Disclosure

The action took place after agents of the Cargo Theft and Theft Precinct (DRFC) identified people selling the shirts through social networks and messaging applications. The official start of sales of the club’s new shirt took place on Wednesday (25).

Due to the great demand for information about the new shirt, the ads caught the attention of agents, who got in touch with the carrier.

Records as victim of cargo theft

The driver informed the São Paulo Civil Police that he had been a victim of cargo theft on Avenida Bandeirantes, in São Paulo. However, the DRFC agents had already identified the sale of the products an hour before the fact and, thus, they arrested the driver in the act when he was returning to Rio.

The Civil Police informed that it will analyze another 20 records in which the detainee claims to have been a victim of cargo theft.

Although the shirt began sales only on Wednesday, the day before, police found people advertising the product. They have been identified and will be heard.

According to police, it was not possible to arrest the receivers due to the great demand for the shirts, which would have sold out in less than two hours.

The DRFC provides the Denúncia Hotline number (21 2202-0510), with total confidentiality, for anyone who has other information about the case.

— Photo: Disclosure