CCR: IG4 Capital signs an agreement to buy a 14.86% stake in Andrade Gutierrez in the company

SAO PAULO – CCR (CCRO3) informed that IG4 Transport celebrated last Wednesday for the purchase of shares of the company held by Andrade Gutierrez Participações, totaling a participation of 14.86%.

After the transaction, IG4 Transport will join CCR’s control block.

“Once the conditions precedent are met, upon closing the transaction and observing the terms and conditions set forth in the Agreement, IG4 Transport will hold 14.86% of the company’s share capital, corresponding to 300,149,836 common shares”, highlighted the communicated.

Among the conditions precedent for the closing of the transaction, an amendment to the Company acionistass shareholders acordo agreement, entered into on October 18, 2001, is foreseen, as amended from time to time, formalizing IG4 Transportgressos entry into said agreement, which will be filed at CCR headquarters.

“The rights and duties that will govern the relationship between IG4 Transport and the remaining parts of said instrument are still being negotiated and the signing of the Amendment to the Shareholders’ Agreement is subject to the common agreement of all its terms and conditions, in this context , IG4 Transport expects to have the right to nominate members to compose the Company’s board of directors”, points out the report.

In addition to the shares described above, IG4 Transport does not hold, on this date, other shares or any subscription bonus, debentures convertible into shares issued by the company or derivative financial instruments for physical/financial settlement referenced to shares issued by the Company.

The acquisition of shares by IG4 Transport and execution of the Amendment to the Shareholders’ Agreement will not change the composition of the Company’s control and, with the exception of negotiations relating to the Amendment to the Company’s Shareholders’ Agreement, IG4 Transport has not entered into and will not enter into it until the closing date (including) any contracts or agreements that regulate the exercise of voting rights or the purchase and sale of securities issued by CCR, he highlighted.

“There is an expectation that IG4 Transport, or any of its investors, independently, may make additional acquisitions of shares issued by the Company, within the current fiscal year, in a percentage not exceeding 5%”, emphasizes the statement.

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