Chef rips off a snake’s head to cook it, is bitten 20 minutes later and dies

Boy died shortly after the bite - Photo: REUTERS/Anuruddha Lokuhapuarachchi

Boy died shortly after the bite – Photo: REUTERS/Anuruddha Lokuhapuarachchi

  • Chinese chef was bitten by snake 20 minutes after cutting the animal’s head

  • According to experts, some reptiles can react by reflex up to an hour after death.

  • The poison caused suffocation and paralysis in the man, who died within minutes

A Chinese chef was killed by the bite of a snake that he would cook himself. The detail that drew attention in the case, however, was that he had cut the animal’s head about 20 minutes before the attack.

According to information from the British newspaper Daily Star, Peng Fan was preparing to make soup with the snake at the restaurant where he works, in the city of Foshan. Between procedures, he carefully cut the head off to take the flesh from the animal’s body.

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When the preparation of the dish was underway, he decided to clean the workstation by disposing of the garbage, including the snake’s head. At that moment, however, he ended up bitten by the animal and died in the sequence.

Snake can attack by reflex

According to experts, snakes and other reptiles can show reflex movements up to an hour after they are killed, exactly what happened in the case of Peng Fan.

The animal’s venom, an Indo-Chinese spitting snake, caused paralysis and suffocation in the chef, preventing any possibility of helping him in time. When the paramedics arrived, it was too late.