Cold front starts to change the weather in SP and MS

Photo: Naviraí (MS), by Roberto Machado da Silva

Cloud cover over Brazil

A cold front has organized between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay and their rain clouds spread over the southern region of Brazil. During this Thursday, clouds from this cold front advance over São Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul.

Like weakening of the dry air mass over Brazill, clouds form again in several areas of the Southeast and Midwest.

Rain clouds advance from the ocean towards Maranhão and the coast of Piauí.

Other rain clouds grow on the coast of the Northeast and also in points in the North Region of Brazil.

Weather forecast for 8/26/2021 – Thursday

It is Thursday is the attention to heavy rain in the South Region. The forecast is for a cloudy and rainy day in Greater Porto Alegre, in the north and northeast of Rio Grande do Sul, in almost the entire state of Santa Catarina, in the west and south of Paraná. In Vale do Itajaí, in Greater Curitiba, in the east and center-north of Paraná, the rain showers will start in the afternoon.

The new cold front that advances from southern Brazil reaches São Paulo increasing the cloudiness in the state. It’s very hot and there are conditions for rain showers starting in the afternoon in the midwest and south of São Paulo. Greater São Paulo can have rain showers at night. The other areas of the Southeast region have a lot of sun and heat. It can rain quickly in the far north of Espírito Santo.

To the most areas of the Midwest Region of the country, the forecast is still for a Thursday with a lot of sun, heat and some clouds, but no rain. One new cold front arrives in Mato Grosso do Sul bringing rain and drop in temperature. The weather is rainy in the south of the state. Campo Grande and the midwest and east of Mato Grosso do Sul should also have rain showers.

Mato Grosso do Sul was one of the hottest and driest places in Brazil in recent days, with a heat of almost 40°C and humidity levels of up to 11%

To the Northeast region , the forecast is rain showers and periods of sunshine across the coast, Zona da Mata and the wild, from southern Bahia to Rio Grande do Norte. There are conditions for rain showers with lightning in the center-north and west of Maranhão.

At North region it is sunny most of the day. Rain showers occur over Rondônia and Acre, in Amazonas, in Roraima, in Amapá and in Pará.

Energy price may stay high for many years

Chance of heat record

Brasília, Goiânia and São Paulo may break the heat record for this year this Thursday

Current records are:

São Paulo: 34.1°C on 1/30

Brasilia: 30.9°C on 1/31

Goiânia: 36.4°C on 8/25

Weather alerts for 8/26/2021

alert for storms in the north of MA and northeast of PA, including the São Luís and Belém regions.

Attention to moderate to heavy rain, with lightning and risk of strong wind in the north and northeast of RS, in SC and in PR, in the south of Mato Grosso do Sul, in Acre, in Roraima, in Amapá.

Attention to wind gusts with up to 70 km/h in the north and northeast of RS, in SC, PR and in the south of MS

Attention to moderate rain on the south coast of BA.

Alert for the very dry air, with the level of relative humidity between 12% and 20% in the center, east and north of SP, south of MG, Triângulo Mineiro and northwest of MG, GO, central-east of MT, in DF, west of BA, south of MA, PI and TO.