contest accumulates and prize rises to BRL 6.5 million

The prize of R$ 2,949,333.95 from the 2403 Mega-Sena contest was accumulated. In a draw held today (25) in São Paulo, no one hit the six numbers (10-12-14-32-33-34), according to the Box. Therefore, the next draw will have a prize pool estimated at R$6.5 million.

Also according to the bank, a prize of R$24,631.80 will go to each of the 65 lucky tickets that matched five numbers and made the corner.

The court had 2,793 bets contemplated, and each one of the lucky ones will receive R$ 818.91.

When will the next Mega-Sena draw?

Contest 2404 is scheduled to take place next Saturday (28), in São Paulo, in an event to be held from 8:00 pm (Brasilia time), with live transmission over the internet, on the bank’s official channel on YouTube, and with possibility of simultaneous exhibition by RedeTV! (The official lottery calendar no longer informs in advance which draw will be shown on open TV, being always one per day).

Mega-Sena: How to participate in the next draw?

Players can play a game of six to 15 numbers at the lottery credentials through Caixa, or using the bank’s special lottery website. All bets registered within one hour of the draw are eligible to win the prizes in play.

How much does it cost to place a bet on Mega-Sena?

This varies depending on the amount of numbers wagered. The minimum game costs R$4.50, giving the right to choose six tens between 1 and 60. If you want to bet on one more number, the value goes up and stops R$31.50. In the highest scenario, with a limit of 15 numbers on the ticket, the bet is R$22,522.50.

What were the biggest prizes from the regular Mega-Sena contests?

  • 2150, 5/11/2019, 1 winning bet; total prize: R$ 289.4 million

  • 2,237, 2/27/2020; 2 winning bets; total award: BRL 211.6 million

  • 1764, 11/25/2015; 1 winning bet; total award: BRL 205.3 million

  • 1772, 12/22/2015; 2 winning bets; total award: R$197.4 million

  • 1655, 11/22/2014; 2 winning bets; total award: BRL 135.3 million

  • 2161, 6/19/2019; 1 winning bet; total award: BRL 124.2 million

  • 2189, 9/18/2019: 1 winning bet; total award: BRL 120 million

  • 1,220, 6/10/2010; 1 winning bet; total award: BRL 119.1 million

  • 1,575, 2/19/2014; 1 winning bet; total award: BRL 111.5 million

  • 1953, 7/29/2017; 1 winning bet; total award: BRL 107.9 million

  • 2015, 02/17/2018; 1 winning bet; total award: BRL 104.5 million

  • 1924, 4/26/2017, 1 winning bet; total award: BRL 101.5 million

What is the chance of winning at Mega-Sena?

The odds vary according to the amount of numbers wagered. With the smallest bet (R$4.50), which has six numbers, the chance of sinking all tens and taking the maximum payout is one in 50,063,860. With seven tens bet (R$31.50), the probability grows and becomes one in 7,151,980. The maximum bet, £22,500 and 15 tens, has a 10,003 chance of making your player a millionaire.

And what about the lottery jackpot, how does it work?

Caixa-accredited lotteries organize these jackpots, which are actually group bets with a minimum price. In the case of Mega-Sena, this amount is stipulated at R$ 10. Each participant must enter with a minimum fee of R$ 5. In this type of game, an additional service fee of 35% of the fee may be charged. Mega-Sena works with a pool that goes from two to 100 odds, and in each one it is possible to place ten different bets.



Yes, this combination has already been drawn. See also how many times your dozens have been out on the Mega-Sena.


This combination was never right

Numbers must be between 1 and 60 no repeats


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