Cora saves José Alfredo and dies a virgin in ‘Império’; see the end of the villain

Cora (Marjorie Estiano) will die a virgin in ‘Empire’. In the last week of the plot, the fake saint will discover that Maurílio (Carmo Dalla Vecchia) has plotted to kill José Alfredo (Alexandre Nero) during the samba school parade.

The fake slut will try to talk to the commander, but he ignores the information. Disoriented and worried about losing the great love, the shrew breaks into a float and will throw herself in front of the ‘Man in Black’ just as a man dressed as death fires a shot.

The bullet hits Cora’s lung. She is taken to the hospital in serious condition and in bed, hallucinating that she is having a night of love with José Alfredo.

“That’s what I lived for! To give myself to you, to be yours… I dreamed every night of my life that you arrived, just like that, in the dark and then lay down beside me, took me in your arms”, will say the fake blessed.

The commander will respond in the dream: “Lie by your side, take you in my arms, take your virginity that you kept for me with such zeal… Well, the time has come, Cora dos Anjos, the woman who dreamed of this moment all her life! Your dream will come true now,” he will confirm.

Upon waking up, the villain has her dream destroyed by the nurse. The health professional will say that no one was in the room during the night, as Cora expected. “But I was at my post, at the end of the corridor, and I know that no one came in here,” he explained.

Cristina’s aunt (Leandra Leal) will be angry and have a cardiac arrest. Despite the help of doctors, the shrew will die with the disappointment of never having had sex with José Alfredo.