Corinthians presents numbers and limits to Roger Guedes’ manager at a meeting this Wednesday

Corinthians president Duilio Monteiro Alves and Roger Guedes’ manager Paulo Pitombeira met this Wednesday. Despite the meeting, there was still no consensus between what one side is willing to pay and what the other is willing to receive.

Timão’s representative presented his figures related to salary, gloves and acquisition of economic rights. The club does not want to exceed the budget foreseen for fiscal year 2021 and, in light of this, has presented its limits. The attacker’s staff will analyze and give an answer.

The main divergence is related to economic rights. Corinthians, at this moment, cannot buy such a robust percentage. At the same time, the staff believes that this early acquisition would be important. Consensus on the topic will be needed.

Corinthians has already brought players without acquiring the economic rights, but this is something rare. In 2008, for example, Elias had his rights acquired by two companies, which transferred the player to Corinthians. In a future sale, the club would keep 20% of the capital gain (profit above the amount paid by the companies).

There is no deadline for a definition. Also because, as the player has already terminated his contract with the Chinese club, he is already free to settle with any Brazilian club. Enrollment in Brasileirão will end only on September 24th.

While there is no agreement between the parties, the player maintains physical fitness in São Paulo.

On Wednesday night, a curious fact caught the attention of fans involving Roger Guedes. During a live on the Corinthians official profile, journalist Ivan Moré said he believes he will see Roger and Willian together at Timão.

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