Corinthians presents project to manager of Róger Guedes and awaits response from striker | corinthians

The president of Corinthians, Duilio Monteiro Alves, met this Wednesday with the manager of Róger Guedes, Paulo Pitombeira, to present the project that will be taken to the forward, close to being confirmed as a reinforcement of Timão.

In the first part of the meeting, which will continue this evening, Timão’s agent showed Róger Guedes’ agent that the club intends to have the striker as one of the team’s main marketing products, in addition to providing a showcase that can bring the player closer to the Brazilian Team.

The parties have not yet reached an agreement and, on the Corinthians side, the issue is still treated with some caution, even with the meeting in progress.

The telenovela for hiring the 24-year-old player is in its final chapters, as the transfer window closes next Monday, the deadline for Roger Guedes to be regularized and to play for Timon in 2021.

Roger Guedes in action in China — Photo: Getty Images

Roger has a clear path to make a deal with Corinthians after getting his contract terminated with Shandong Taishan, in China, with whom he had a relationship until July 2022. The striker has everything to be the club’s fourth signing for 2021.

Before him, midfielders Giuliano and Renato Augusto have already arrived at Corinthians and, on Wednesday, the club made a loan from right-back João Pedro, from Porto, from Portugal, to be Fagner’s immediate reserve in the first team.

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