Criciúma defines vaccination for adolescents and application of the third dose in the elderly

The Criciúma Health Department defined vaccination for adolescents aged 12 to 17 years and the application of the third dose in the elderly. The vaccination system for these two audiences starts in September, as new batches of vaccine against Covid-19 arrive in the city.

In the teenagers’ vaccination system, the doses by age will be applied in a decreasing manner. For those with a permanent disability or comorbidity, the system will be different: citizens aged between 12 and 17 can be vaccinated regardless of age. 10% of the doses will be destined for the priority group of adolescents.

The third dose for seniors aged 70 and over will be given to those who took the second dose six months ago or more. To declare comorbidities, you must attach the supporting documents on the Minha Vacina Portal:

new doses

Criciúma received this Wednesday, the 25th, 1,036 doses of the vaccine against Covid-19. Vaccination continues with people over 18 years old and a second dose, according to the brand of vaccine. This Wednesday, only the Parish Hall of Santa Bárbara will be open until 20:00.

second dose

To find out when to take your second dose of vaccine, calculate your vaccination dates through the Minha Vacina Portal.

Missing how many people for get vaccinated?

Above the age of 18, there are still 15 thousand people to be vaccinated against Covid-19. Of this number, approximately 1,000 people denied taking the vaccine.

Collaboration: Thais Borges