Criteria for right and withdrawal

FGTS income: Criteria for rights and withdrawals Council authorized distribution of R$8.13 billion among workers; check who is entitled to the money.

The FGTS Board of Trustees (Guarantee Fund for Length of Service) approved on Tuesday (17) the distribution of R$8.13 billion among quota workers. The amount corresponds to 96% of the fund’s net income of R$8.47 billion in 2020.

The profitability of the FGTS was 4.92% and exceeded inflation measured by the IPCA, which was 4.52%, and savings, which yielded 2.11% last year.

See who is entitled and ask more questions:

1) Who is entitled?

All workers who had a balance in the Guarantee Fund accounts on 12.31.2020 are entitled to the transfer of income of 4.92%.

2) How much will be distributed?

A total of R$8.13 billion. This amount will be distributed proportionally to the balance of each FGTS account. An example: whoever had a balance of R$1,000 on 12.31.2020 receives an income of R$49.20.

3) When does the money fall into the account?

The deposit will take place until the 31st of August.

4) How do I withdraw? Will I be able to withdraw the total amount of money from the fund, just the income, or not even that?

The amount cannot be withdrawn unless the worker fulfills the rules for withdrawal from the Guarantee Fund.

The income will be deposited in the workers’ accounts, but to withdraw the money from the fund you must meet one of the conditions, such as being fired without just cause (for those who adhered to the withdrawal withdrawal), use of the fund to buy the house own, retirement, serious illness, etc.

Withdrawal from the FGTS is allowed under the following conditions:

• Dismissal without just cause, by the employer;
• Termination of the contract for a specified period;
• Termination for bankruptcy, death of the individual employer, domestic employer or nullity of the contract;
• Termination of the contract due to reciprocal fault or force majeure;
• Retirement;
• Personal, urgent and serious need, resulting from a natural disaster caused by rains or floods that have reached the worker’s area of ​​residence, when the emergency situation or state of public calamity is thus recognized, through an ordinance of the federal government;
• Suspension of independent work;
• Employee’s death;
• Age 70 years or older;
• Carrier of HIV – AIDS/AIDS (worker or dependent);
• Malignant neoplasm (worker or dependent);
• Terminal stage due to serious illness (worker or dependent);
• Permanence of the employee holding the linked account for three uninterrupted years outside the FGTS regime, with leave from 07/14/1990;
• Permanence of the escrow account for three uninterrupted years without crediting deposits, whose absence of the worker occurred until 07/13/90, inclusive; and
• Acquisition of a home, liquidation or repayment of debt or payment of part of the housing financing installments.

5) How to check the FGTS account balance?

It is possible to consult the balance of the FGTS accounts:

• through the FGTS app, available in the main app stores;
• on the CAIXA website (; and
• at CAIXA Internet Banking, for bank customers

To be able to access the website or the application, it is necessary to know the PIS/Pasep number or the NIT (Worker Identification Number).

Where can I find the PIS/Pasep/NIT number?

Your NIS/PIS number can be found:
• on the Citizen’s Card;
• in the general notes of your old Work Card;
• on the identification page of the new work card;
• on your printed FGTS statement.

To check the balance on the Caixa website, do as follows:
• Access

• Enter your NIS number and click on “register password”.

• Read the regulation and click on “accepted”.

• Fill in all fields with your personal data. Here, you will need your Voter’s Title number.

• Create a password of up to 8 digits and confirm.

• You will receive notification of completed registration.

• To access, fill in the fields and press OK.

Find out how to check your account balance through the FGTS application:

The worker can consult the FGTS through a mobile application, available for free download on mobile phones of any operating system: Android, iOS and Windows. It is also necessary to inform the PIS, Pasep or NIT number and have a registered password. See how to do it in the app:

• On the home screen, click First Login

• Read the contract and press “Accept”

• Enter your NIS number and press “Continue”

• Fill out the form and click “Next”

• Create a password and click on “Register”

6) How is the situation of someone who had no balance on 12.31.2020, but has a balance in 2021?

The income will be applied to the account value as of 12/31/2020. If there was no money on that date, there will be no income on it. If the worker started a job in 2021, he will be entitled to the 2021 income, which must be paid in the next year.

7) Does this income change anything for those who joined the birthday loot?

It should result in a slightly higher withdrawal amount, as withdrawal-birthday amounts are defined by percentages of the account balance.

Source: Caixa Econômica Federal – Source: R7